• Perfection
  • Perfection


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Fine art print
Limited edition 1/100, signed

Paper sheet 594 mm x 420 mm
Ilford Galerie Textured Cotton Rag 310 GSM 

Printed area 415 mm x 300 mm
Frame not included

This is the first iconist work, created by Grizzanti in 2000, when he artistically theorized Iconism. The intent, with this icon, is to evoke the concept that perfection has multiple interpretations. This symbol depicts the ‘tao’ of perfection – both mystical and concrete – using the emblematic force of a circle (the geometric figure par excellence) divided into three equal portions (the ideal number). Thanks to the tripartition of the circle and the insertion of three small ovals, in the center of each of the three sections, an immediate optical illusion of extrusion of the shape is obtained, switching from a two-dimensional to a three-dimensional vision, demonstrating how perfection may have different points of view. In some cultures, perfection is associated with concepts such as the absolute, eternity or infinity, often being attributed to divine or supreme entities, or seen as a goal to be pursued, but only partially or temporarily. With a 360° symmetry this iconist icon expresses the harmony of the human being with the universe.

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