• Millennium bug
  • Millennium bug

Millennium bug

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Fine art print
Limited edition 1/100, signed 

Paper sheet 420 mm x 480 mm
Ilford Galerie Textured Cotton Rag 310 GSM 

Printed area 340 mm x 340 mm
Frame not included

This work, the second iconist icon created, represents what has been called the ‘millennium bug’, the programming problem that affected many computer systems due to the transition to the year 2000. The 'digital bug' arose because many softwares used only two digits to identify the year in a date (for example: 66 to indicate 1966). When 2000 arrived, these programs would have interpreted ‘00’ as the year 1900, resulting in a series of errors, even fatal ones. It was a crucial issue, which had worried all the planet, because it could have sent the management of both social infrastructures (such as hospitals) and economic ones (banks) into crisis. With this icon, Grizzanti wanted to demystify and downplay that historical phenomenon through the depiction of an electronic chip in the shape of a ladybug: a symbol of luck to wish a good start to the new century.

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