• Paradox
  • Paradox


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Fine art print
Limited edition 1/100, signed

Paper sheet 420 mm x 480 mm
Ilford Galerie Textured Cotton Rag 310 GSM 

Printed area 340 mm x 340 mm
Frame not included

Is it raining under the umbrella? With its intrinsic contradiction, this icon wants to represent the ambiguity of human experience and pushes us to reflect on the different models of understanding the world: the umbrella, which is supposed to protect from the rain, takes the form of the cause of the rain itself. The iconography of the umbrella in the shape of a raining cloud, as a visual oxymoron, indicates a rhetorical figure that contrasts the metaphor of protection (the umbrella) with the metaphor of tears (the rain). The work also evokes the charm of inner melancholy, deriving from awareness of the immanent relativity of things and the fragility of existence.

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